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‘I’m definitely not a doomsday prepper’: Aussie mum defends panic buying

An Aussie mum who has been stocking up on supplies amid coronavirus fears has defended her decision.

Australia’s first person-to-person transmission of the coronavirus has been confirmed in Sydney.

9News understands a male health worker treating patients who arrived on a flight from Iran last week has contracted the disease.

Peta Credlin tells Ben Fordham people need to monitor their health.

“I think it’s worrying because we know that there’s no anti-viral, and there’s no vaccine, so we’re in that unknown territory.”

Coronavirus fears have left supermarkets across Australia, Europe and Asia experiencing shortages, as customers begin panic-buying everyday goods.

Listener Matthew has sent in an image of empty shelves at Coles Asquith.

But Graham Richardson says it may be warranted.

“I don’t blame people for wanting to stock up because we don’t know where this is going to take us.”

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Sydney mother Dianne Regan has been stockpiling food and supplies and tells Ben Fordham she looks after her elderly mother and has an asthmatic daughter prone to illness.

“We might have to stay at home and not go out… so that means not going to the shop, not being able to buy things.

“I had to do this as a safety precaution in case something happens.

“I’m definitely not a doomsday prepper, I’m just an ordinary mum trying to make sense of a crazy situation.”

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