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‘I’m going to turn this around’: Transport Minister promises more light rail compensation

The Sydney Light Rail project has reached “crisis point”, with construction being deliberately delayed by the builder and small business along the route going under.

But, help could be on the way.

Transport Minister Andrew Constance tells Alan Jones he is expanding the compensation scheme designed to help those suffering.

Until now, it’s been available to businesses with up to 20 staff. That’s now being changed to 50.

Accounting fees will be covered, and rental assistance will be extended until the end of the construction period.

Minister Constance tells Alan he’s been working with Sydney City councillor Angela Vithoulkas on turning things around for desperate shop owners.

“I sat down with Angela [Vithoulkas] and we’ve made the changes that she’s recommended to try and make this easier.

“We’ve expanded the number of employees so that catches more businesses to get the money.

“Angela expressed concern about the cost of accountants, we’re going to cover that. And we’re now writing checks.

“I’m trying to, I want to turn this around. I’m going to turn this around.”

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