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Indigenous cop asks politicians to stay out of police business

Retired Aboriginal policeman Bill has called in to give his take on the backlash against police following the controversial arrest of an Indigenous teen.

Bill served as a plain clothes police officer in Redfern for 27 years, he told Deborah Knight.

When he served on the force in the 80s, he says, youth were much more respectful of police.

“We went to where the trouble spots were.

“In those days, you got respect … if I had to go and pick up an Indigenous fellow he’d call you ‘uncle’ or ‘cousin’.

“Today, that doesn’t go on.”

Back in his day, he said, the cops at the top would respect their colleagues’ integrity, but politicians have made their jobs more difficult.

“In those days, your bosses backed you.

“Now when politicians get involved, I think the bosses get windy: ‘I can’t do this, I can’t do that’.”

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