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‘It is a reckless, reckless use of taxpayer money’: Andrew Bolt on Barrier Reef handout

The federal government is coming under increasing pressure to explain why they handed out close to half a billion dollars to a not-for-profit organisation with six staff.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was at the meeting where $443 million was offered to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation (GBRF).

Just 11 days after a cabinet committee decided to find a partner for the government’s “reef plan”, the foundation was given the handout.

The grant came as a surprise to the foundation’s boss Anna Marsden, who described the handout as “like we’ve just won the lotto”.

A former GBRF board member Michael Myer has gone as far as to say the grant is “shocking and almost mindblowing”.

Andrew Bolt tells Chris Smith he believes what’s transpired is “highly suspect”.

“For one it is a reckless, reckless use of taxpayer money.

“Since the Liberals have come into office, our net debt as a nation has doubled.

“So you would think that this government would be a little tardy in spending your money which you have to earn through your taxes.

“Instead, back in April the government decided… let’s go and spend half a billion dollars on the reef.”

Andrew is also questioning how so much money can be spent effectively when the foundation has a staff of “six people”.

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