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‘It’ll get to the point that actors can only play themselves’: Outrage erupts over casting decision

What should be a moment of praise for Disney has backfired, with critics slamming the iconic film brand for making a poor decision.

British actor Jack Whitehall has reportedly been chosen to portray the first openly gay character in Disney’s new film Jungle Cruise.

However, gay rights activists are up in arms because Whitehall is straight. They say the role should’ve gone to a gay actor instead.

But this casting complaint isn’t an isolated incident.

Just a few months ago, US actress Scarlett Johansson faced criticism when she was cast to play a transgender man in a film. The outrage ultimately forced her to pull out of the role.

Despite the online backlash over the decision, many are coming to the defence of Disney arguing against typecasting actors.

“It is completely irrelevant and if you start arguing that’s how it has to work then you also have to say gay actors can’t play straight characters either,” entertainment commentator Peter Ford tells Ben Fordham.

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Image: @jackwhitehall Instagram