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‘It’s infuriating’: Asylum seeker accused of child molestation to be brought to Australia

An asylum seeker accused of molesting a child on Nauru will be brought to Australia under the controversial medevac laws.

The legislation, passed against the government’s will, allows asylum seekers held in detention to be transferred to Australia if treating doctors deem it necessary.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton is furious an asylum seeker who has been accused of child molestation and assaulting women will enter Australia under the laws.

News Corp papers revealed the Burmese man was accused of molesting a child on Nauru in 2015, but the charge was later dropped as the child’s family didn’t want them to testify.

He was also accused of allegedly kicking his girlfriend and her mother in the face, but the charges were also dropped.

Peter Dutton tells Ray Hadley he’s furious about the decision but is powerless to stop the man’s transfer under the legislation.

“We’re compelled to take him here.

“It’s infuriating and I think it poses a huge risk to the Australian public but for some reason, the Labor Party won’t support the abolition of this law.

“So we’re stuck with it.”

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