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‘I’ve got nothing to hide’: Josh Reynolds determined to clear his name after roadside drug test


NRL star Josh Reynolds is determined to clear his name after failing a roadside drug test.

The Wests Tigers player failed a drug test and was found to be driving with an expired licence after being pulled over on his way home from Bankstown Airport on Monday morning.

He was then taken to Sutherland police station where a second test produced a negative reading.

Reynolds is now waiting on the result of the third test but told Ben Fordham he couldn’t believe it when the first test detected cocaine and methamphetamine.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was in shock… I was like what the hell?

“But deep down I was very, very, confident because I know I had done nothing.

“I’ve got nothing to hide, I know exactly what this third test is going to be.”

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An NSW Highway Patrol Officer has contacted Ben, saying roadside tests often return a false positive.

“It’s happened to me countless times when I stop and test someone who pleads black and blue they haven’t used any drugs. I give them a second roadside and in every occasion it has gone negative,” he wrote.

“A second test on the side of the road only takes another 3-5 minutes and will save you an hour of paperwork getting a negative result back at the station which is what exactly has occurred in this situation.”


Image: Getty/Ian Hitchcock