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Janet Albrechtsen: ‘Bill Shorten is the ultimate political chameleon’

Smithy’s All-Star Janet Albrechtsen says Bill Shorten is the “ultimate political chameleon”.

The Opposition Leader is in hot water this week after a tape was leaked of a speech he made to striking CFMEU workers last year.

Mr Shorten said:

“We now have a situation where the laws of this land are being distorted.

“Where they are being mutated, where they’re being metastasized like a cancer to undermine your existing conditions.”

Janet tells Chris Smith what it says about the Labor leader.

“We know the kinds of conversations he has with the CFMEU… because all the money comes from the unions. That’s what funds the Labor Party.

“How can you possibly agree on a sensible industrial relations policy when all of the influence is being driven by the union movement that increasingly represents fewer and fewer workers in this country.

“It looks like they could well win an election. It’s really up to the government to put the boot into Bill Shorten.”

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