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Labor Party ally calls on Moselmane to apologise, correct the record

Shadow Minister for Transport and Corrections Chris Minns has called on party ally Shaoquett Moselmane to apologise for praising China’s handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Mr Minns revealed to Ray Hadley Mr Moselmane voted for Minns for the party’s leadership over current Labor leader Jodi Mackay, who has previously told Ray she would not be moving to expel Moselmane from her party.

“If you had’ve taken the job,” Ray asked, “despite his vote for you as leader of the opposition, would you be calling for his resignation from the Labor Party today Chris?”

“I’ve known him for a long time Ray, but I’m not going to defend stupid comments.

“The comments are wrong. They’re just inappropriate, and the Chinese government’s response to the coronavirus crisis has been absolutely appalling.”

Mr Minns distanced the stance of the Labor Party from Mr Moselmane’s comments, and says he believes state MPs shouldn’t have a stake in foreign policy.

“I don’t think he should be sacked from the Labor Party today… but I will say – and I would say this to his face – if he doesn’t correct the record and apologise, that is where this is headed.”

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