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Local council’s al fresco rescue for small businesses

A Sydney council has found a creative way around state COVID-19 restrictions to give local businesses a boost.

Last night, Fairfield City Council decided to allow restaurants with outdoor dining facilities to expand their al fresco capacity.

Mayor Frank Carbone told Ray Hadley eateries will be able to set up tables on public footpaths after surrounding retailers close their doors for the night.

“Every level of government needs to come together to be able to help local communities.

“You can space the tables out a bit further, but also smaller restaurants and cafes will then be able to perhaps seat 50 people.”

The NSW government is seeking to follow in the footsteps of Fairfield and other local councils to activate public spaces across the state.

The mayor said town centre coordinators are already contacting eligible businesses.

“Time is of the essence.

“We don’t want this to happen in the next two months, it’s useless. We need it to happen today.”

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