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Local legend could be prosecuted for helping flood victims

A tradie who excavated a channel on a Central Coast beach to prevent homes being flooded could be fined.

During the peak of the rain event on Sunday, Ben Weber drove his excavator 15 kilometres from his home to North Entrance Beach.

Locals were using shovels to try and open up a channel to the ocean so the lagoon didn’t flood and destroy homes.

Ben worked for hours before council rangers and police ordered him off the beach and has since found out the Central Coast Council are looking to prosecute him.

Councillor Greg Best tells Ray Hadley Ben is a local legend and should be left alone.

“I reckon he’s a legend, good on him.

“I will tonight move that hands off him as far council’s concerned. No prosecution.”

Councillor Best says the Council is the one to blame for not dredging the lake earlier, despite ample warning.

“This is not new and this council has been warned and warned by the community.

“They have ignored it each time and they have led this community into what is now a disaster.”

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Ben tells Deborah Knight he was just trying to protect the locals but the council came in and did the job eventually.

“They just had a bigger machine and were about two or three days too late.”

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