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Mark Latham slams Labor MP’s ‘disgusting’ praise of China’s coronavirus response

Mark Latham has slammed a NSW Labor MP for praising China’s President Xi Jinping’s “unswerving leadership” in handling the coronavirus crisis.

Shaoquett Moselmane claimed the Chinese leader had “fought [COVID-19] and contained it”.

China has come under fire for failing to warn the world about coronavirus and silencing doctors who tried to speak up.

Mark Latham tells Alan Jones Mr Moselmane’s future in politics should be in question.

“In person, Shaoquett Moselmane is not a bad fellow but with regard to China, he’s living in a complete and utter fantasy world.

“The evidence would show that China, with respect to this coronavirus, has acted like a rogue state.

“He’s acting and talking about China in a way that defies reality… in fact, it’s disgusting to realise that in this global health emergency there’s a politician in Australia who’s defending the indefensible.”

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Former Labor senator Stephen Conroy has condemned Mr. Moselmane’s comments, telling Ray Hadley the MP is “clearly not serving the Labor Party’s political interests” but his own.

“This bloke needs to have the harshest possible criticism because he is nothing but a mouthpiece.

“For him to just continue to… repeat mindlessly the propaganda says a lot about his character.”

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