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Melinda Pavey lost for words in car crash interview with Ray Hadley

Melinda Pavey has been left lost for words after she was unprepared for an interview with Ray Hadley.

Dozens of locals from Lake Conjola, on the NSW South Coast, have contacted Ray to tell him their town is dying after the lake has turned into a disgusting “greyish pond”, unfit for even dogs to swim in.

Now, more than ever, they want the lake to be reopened to the ocean in a desperate bid to bring back tourists after recent bushfires.

But they say their Greens mayor is holding it to ransom, and Ray has discovered the council is delaying the lake’s reopening because it would disrupt the birds nesting in the area.

When Ray confronted NSW Water Minister Melinda Pavey, she struggled to explain the situation, and was still under the impression the lake had already reopened last year.

“For god’s sake minister,” says Ray, “this is like an episode of Yes Minister!

“We’ve got a Green mayor holding an elected government responsible for the state of NSW to random over some birds!

“You need to find out a bit more about Lake Conjola because it’s regrettable that after two days of dealing with it I know more about it than you do.”

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