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Mining venture approved as native title claims are dismissed

Image: Lake Torrens National Park

North of Port August in South Australia, lies a mostly barren salt plain potentially rich in mining materials.

The area, Lake Torrens, has previously been off limits due to native title claims in the surrounding areas.

An exploration project has now been given the green-light after a court dismissed the claims.

The company Argonaut is a 30% shareholder in the new project and their CEO Lindsay Owler joins Ross Greenwood.

“Most of the delay has been waiting for a resolution of overlapping native title claims in the area.

“There was a trial in the federal court and ultimately the judge of the federal court dismissed all three of the native title claims.

“That decision has been appealed by all the groups and that appeal is pending.”

Mr Owler says the project will begin soon, with the first step being to refine their targeting.

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