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Music superstar Mick Fleetwood will “rock ’til he drops”

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Legendary drummer Mick Fleetwood is in Australia talking about the heartaches, the explosions and the success of iconic band Fleetwood Mac detailed in his new book “Love That Burns”.

Mick tells 2GB’s Chris Smith how he left school at 15 to pursue his “pipe dream”.

“(My father) not only let me go to London but he bought me a drum kit and sent me off to London. It was a dream.”

When Chris asks why Mick never left the band he jokes that going solo wasn’t an option.

“I’m a percussionist. I can’t do this without a band!”

Mick says he won’t be retiring his drum sticks anytime soon.

“I prefer to rock ’til I drop.”

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Only 150 copies of Mick’s new book “Love That Burns” are available in Australia.

You can find more details here.