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New Chopper star reveals he made Eric Bana’s career

Australians have always been gripped by the tales of Melbourne’s underworld.

From robberies to drugs and countless murders, Melbournians lived in fear as their streets were used as battlefields by gangs.

But there was one man who walked on his own; ruthless, violent, feared and surprisingly charismatic was Mark ‘Chopper’ Read.

Now, all the aspects of Chopper’s life are being put on display in the latest series, Underbelly Files: Chopper.

Playing the infamous Chopper Read is Aaron Jeffery, who joins Chris Smith in the studio, sharing the details on how he landed Eric Banner his Chopper gig.

“I auditioned for that about 20 years ago and I went in and I said to the casting agent, you’ve got to look at Eric Bana, he’s a shoe-in for this role.

“I made him! I got him cast, he owe’s me!”

On his role as the new Chopper Aaron calls himself lucky.

“I was very blessed by an amazing script.

“We had a lot of the original crew from the first Underbelly series.”

Listen to the full interview below