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NSW Labor boss dragged into ICAC investigation of donation cover-ups

Image: The Chinese Friends of Labor election fundraiser in 2015

An inquiry into the ALP donation scandal heard that NSW Labor boss Kaila Murnain allegedly saw a plastic Aldi shopping bag full of cash after it was dropped off by a Chinese billionaire.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has begun investigating claims Labor disguised illegal donations from a Chinese property developer.

It’s alleged Huang Xiangmo handed over $100,000 in cash at the Chinese Friends of Labor election fundraiser just weeks before the 2015 election.

NSW Labor’s community relations director Kenrick Cheah told the inquiry he was “pretty sure” Ms Murnain had asked him what was in the bag when it was delivered to the party’s headquarters.

Mark Latham tells Ben Fordham if the bag was brought to the office it “would be remarkable if it wasn’t common knowledge”.

“It’s just unbelievable.

“I think every voter in the state will be asking when will Labor learn the lesson that corruption, and breaking the law and bending the law, is just completely unacceptable.”

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