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NSW Treasurer proposes widening GST and scrapping stamp duty

The NSW government is calling for stamp duties to be scrapped and the goods and services tax widened in a bid to make the states less dependent on Canberra.

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet established a panel to review the state’s federal financial relations, declaring the federal financial architecture “fundamentally flawed”.

Former deputy prime minister John Anderson is on the panel of the federal financial relations review.

He tells Ross Greenwood these potential changes need to be debated.

“We need to do better in the future, here’s our opportunity to get it right on a co-operative basis.

“Now is the time to act because whilst things are in a good shape at the moment, everything tells us that without reform you’ll either have to give up services, or drive up debt, or drive up taxes in the future.

“A do-nothing option is a very bad option.”

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Image: Getty/Daniel Munoz