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Opposition leader apologises for ‘white flight’ comment

Opposition leader Luke Foley is apologising for his “white flight” comments, saying he doesn’t want to “offend anyone”.

The state’s labor leader used the term to describe how “Anglo families” are moving away from suburbs like Fairfield because local resources are struggling to cope with an influx of refugees from Syria and Iraq.

Now, he’s apologising for using the term, telling Ben Fordham he received feedback from his colleagues and “people in the community”.

“You get feedback and a number of people have said to me today, ‘Luke we don’t like that term… don’t use it again, please’.

“And I’ve reflected on that and I don’t want to offend anyone.”

Mr Foley is standing by his greater point, saying suburbs in the middle ring of Sydney’s west are in need of more support and are struggling to cope with the rate of migration.

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Mr Foley phoned Alan Jones this morning, calling for state and local governments to be included in the Commonwealth’s discussion about migration levels.

“If we’re going from a city of 5 million to 6 million people, scheduled for that to happen over the next 12 years, by 2030.

“Let’s say the target is to get there over the next 20 years, rather than the next 12 years, that would give us the chance to catch up on the infrastructure.”

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