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Outback Australian town ‘robbed’ of 100yo world record due to figure fudging

A small town in outback Australia has been “robbed” of a 100-year-old world record due to apparent figure fudging by the Bureau of Meteorology.

The world’s longest heatwave was recorded in outback Western Australia in 1923/24.

Marble Bar, in between Exmouth and Broome, saw temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.7°C) for 160 consecutive days.

But the Bureau of Meteorology has now adjusted its records, stripping Marble Bar of the record and “cooling history”, according to Alan Jones.

Dr Jennifer Marohasy tells Alan it’s been done to suit the global warming storyline.

“It does rob Marble Bar of that heatwave record but it also generates what they want, which is a warming trend.

“If you look at the actual historical data it actually has a cooling trend but they remodel and they get a warming trend.”

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Image: East Pilbara Shire