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‘People could die’: Ben Fordham confronts illegal protest organiser

A protest organiser is defending the decision to push on after the Supreme Court deemed it illegal.

The NSW Supreme Court has ruled a refugee rally planned for Sydney on Saturday is prohibited.

Despite this, the Refugee Action Coalition insists the protest will go ahead, with about 200 people expected to attend.

Refugee Action Coalition protest organiser Ian Rintoul told Ben Fordham he is “very confident” no one who attends the protest is at risk.

“I think the police at the moment, and the politicians, are simply scaremongering.

“I think it’s quite obvious that there is no risk of community transmission from the protests.

“The idea that you can use health regulations simply to declare a protest unlawful is something that needs to be challenged.”

Ben Fordham has made it clear it is “completely wrong” to claim there is no health risk.

“If the virus spreads as a result of your decision you know this is going to be on you. People could die here, Ian.”

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Immunisation expert Professor Robert Booy told Ben Fordham there is a “small risk” of community transmission.

“It’s a risk that could easily rise.

“One person could be a super spreader and infect 10 or 20 others.”

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