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PM urges Australians to ‘get on with our lives’ as supermarkets forced to limit sales

The Prime Minister is calling for calm over the coronavirus as the major supermarkets begin introducing product limits to stop panic buying.

Customers have stripped shelves of food staples, toilet paper, bottled water and medical supplies as COVID-19  has now spread to 75 countries around the world.

Woolworths has today introduced a limit on toilet paper sales, restricting it to four packets per person. While manufacturer Kimberly-Clark is increasing production in South Australia to help deal with the shortages.

There have been 38 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Australia. 21 of those patients have already gotten better and been given the all-clear. Just one person has died.

Scott Morrison tells Alan Jones there is no need for hysteria.

“Australians can go about their business. We just get on with our lives as normal.

“I can understand why people may be concerned and go to supermarkets and do those sorts of things but the advice is, that’s not necessary.

“I spoke to Coles and Woolies yesterday when this was brought to my attention and they’ve been putting things in place to ensure they get those shelves stocked up again.”

Alan Jones agrees with the PM, questioning “what is wrong with us” getting caught up in this “nonsense”.

“Seriously, we can’t allow hysteria to overtake us.”

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