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Police Commissioner assures ‘we’re not a police state’ as coronavirus fight ramps up

NSW police officers have been granted greater powers to fine people who are breaking new COVID-19 rules.

Numerous on-the-spot fines have already been handed out to individuals and businesses caught breaking the new health laws as the two-person rule comes into effect.

Since midnight, police have had the power to issue a $1000 fine to anyone who is out in public with more than one other person who isn’t from their household.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller tells Alan Jones officers use their discretion when handing out fines.

“Every time a police officer stops someone to ask a question you get this very innate skill of working out whether people are telling you the truth or not.

“If someone says, ‘look I’m going to the chemist’ and if the chemist is over there and visible then that’s fine, we’re not a police state. Just to be clear, we’re not.

“But if there’s a group of people in a car, a group of young people and they say they’re going somewhere that doesn’t match up, well then they’ll get a ticket.

“We’ll be reasonable about this, we won’t give everyone a ticket.”

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Image: Getty/William West