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Politician caught bulk-buying toilet paper – but he has a great excuse

NSW Counter-Terrorism Minister Anthony Roberts has admitted to bulk-buying thousands of rolls of toilet paper, but for a good reason – he’s donating them to those in need.

“I’m not a hoarder,” Anthony Roberts tells Deborah Knight.

“A couple of mates and I got together… we pooled a bit of money and we were able to go straight to a wholesaler and procure 8200 rolls.”

To ensure the toilet paper gets directly to those who need it most, they are distributing the loo rolls through their RSL sub-branches, Meals on Wheels and other community aid organisations.

The minister tells Deb they are “rolling them out today”.

“We’ve had people crying, they just don’t believe it.

“This is nothing more than I would expect any normal Australian to do, and this is an opportunity for us to show the very best of what makes us a great nation and a great society.”

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