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Port Macquarie bushfire continues to escalate

A bushfire south of Port Macquarie is spreading rapidly after breaching containment lines this morning.

The fire has blazed through the south end of Lake Innes and is now burning through the Lake Cathie area, endangering property.

Commissioner of the NSW Rural Fire Service Shane Fitzsimmons fears the Pacific Highway may be cut if the fire isn’t contained. Bonny Hills and Heron Creek are also at risk.

‘Spot fires’ are a real danger to residents, says Mr Fitzsimmons.

“What we don’t want to see is people just trying to move through the area, so our advice is just to seek shelter as that fire front arrives.”

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RFS spokesperson Greg Allan tells Ross Greenwood the emergency warning has been downgraded to a Watch and Act level.

“We have an easing of conditions, but also we’ve now got crew in place where those properties are in the area where the fire is burning.”

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Image: Twitter/NSW RFS