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Prime-timed and ready: Calls to give homegrown music an extra boost

Music industry leaders are coming up with creative solutions to breathe life back into the dying live music scene.

Founder of independent music label Mushroom Group Michael Gudinski is desperate to see Australian acts return to the small screen.

He pointed to the ratings success of his brainchild, ANZAC Day’s Music From The Homefront concert, as an example of how receptive Australians are to music TV, telling Deborah Knight “it’s in the top five things I’ve ever achieved.”

Mr Gudinski believes international artists are unlikely to tour again in Australia until March 2021, which will give local artists a chance to shine in the meantime.

“I know it’s a long time ago and I’m showing my age, but we miss Countdown, we miss The Panel, we miss Rove having one or two acts on.

“Over in England, on the BBC there is so much more music … in America you’ve got all these spots; prime time or nighttime shows.

“If you think I’m not trying to get a show on prime time television, you’d be underestimating me.”

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APRA AMCOS CEO Dean Ormston told Deborah Knight industry leaders are lobbying for additional support from the government.

Among their proposals, they want JobKeeper payments to be extended beyond September, financial grants awarded to live music venues, and tax offsets offered to further incentivise venues to host gigs.

“Our people are hurting; people are falling between the cracks.

“There’s going to need to be a real catalyst to rebuild the music industry.”

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Image: Facebook/Jimmy Barnes