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Prison witnesses ‘regularly’ transported with accused to court

A whistleblower from within the District Court has revealed prison witnesses are “regularly” transported with their accused to court.

The revelation comes as The Daily Telegraph reports a star witness was placed into the same cell as the “underbelly figure” he was preparing to give evidence against.

The gangland murder trial has been delayed after the witness was left “bashed, battered and bruised” by the alleged killer.

But the pair wasn’t just placed mistakenly into the same cell at Silverwater jail.

Daily Telegraph Chief Court Reporter Emma Partridge tells Ray Hadley they were also loaded into the same transport vehicle to get to Wollongong Local Court.

But it appears this isn’t an isolated incident.

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A source from within the District Court tells Ray some judges have had to specifically request witnesses be taken to court separately because they’re “regularly” transported with the accused.

“The obvious result? The prisoner, acting as a witness, arrives at court with a memory fail.”

Ray is floored by the revelations and is asking, “how can this possibly happen?”

“We need to talk to the Attorney-General, we need to talk to the Corrections Minister David Elliott.

“If this has been going on for an extended period of time it needs to stop.”

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