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EXCLUSIVE | Public office building scrubbed after coronavirus testing facility discovered


A public office building is being scrubbed top to bottom after it was uncovered a coronavirus testing facility had been operating unbeknownst to the other businesses in the area.

Listener Peter contacted Ben Fordham yesterday after he saw a sign in the Bella Vista office building where he works, instructing coronavirus testers to report to the first floor.

Peter said they had no idea the testing lab was running in their building and that he had been in the elevator with a man who had a medical mask on, going up to level one.

The building is home to an orthodontist, accountant, physio and a law office.

The strata manager has confirmed in an email sent to occupiers of the building that nobody was informed of the coronavirus testing taking place.

“No notification was given, nor permission sought from the owner’s corporation,” they wrote.

“At this stage, we have no information on whether patients have tested positive or negative.” (See full email below)

NSW Health Executive Director of Health Protection Dr Jeremy McAnulty tells Ben Fordham coronavirus testing facilities are necessary.

“We’ll work with them to give them feedback… to make sure that people have confidence that these things are being done safely and that they’re aware of where these places are.”

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