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Regional and rural communities brace for a long recovery

Regional and rural communities have been doing it really tough.

Particularly along the east coast, they’ve struggled through one of the worst droughts for the last year and now, many of those areas are battling severe bushfires.

One of the most commonly raised questions is ‘how can I help’.

The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) is an independent, not for profit, philanthropic organisation that supports regional, rural and remote communities in their recovery from natural disasters.

CEO Natalie Egleton says recent events have been some of the worst they’ve experienced.

“What we’re experiencing now is really severe and catastrophic for many communities. But certainly, it’s not a new experience for rural and regional communities.”

“It is just so devastating.”

Ms Egleton is urging people to remember that recovery is “a marathon not a sprint…” and once the worst is over, it can take years for communities to recover.

If you want to donate or partner with the FRRR, visit their website.