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Residents not told of cruise ship passengers held in isolation in their building

Residents of a Sydney building were not told of the five cruise ship passengers being held there in isolation while being tested for coronavirus.

A Qantas charter flight from Hawaii brought back the passengers after they disembarked from the Norwegian Jewel cruise ship.

Listener Brooke is a resident of the Swissotel Sydney and says they haven’t been notified.

“There were police everywhere and I was told I wasn’t to be told what is happening and I live in this building.

“We’re all here trying to be safe and now we all share the same lifts as the hotel staff.

“It’s just untenable how could anyone make a decision like that when you’ve got hundreds of people living in the same building as private residents and we weren’t told!”

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Another listener is friends with one of the people being held in isolation and tells Deborah Knight they are confined to their rooms and staff leave meals on a tray outside the room.


Image: Getty/Lisa Maree Williams