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Senator criticises ‘nanny-state’ following calls to ban alcohol ads

Renewed calls to ban alcohol advertising during sports coverage has been slammed by Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm.

Mr Leyonhjelm tells Warren Moore he is firmly against the “nanny-state approach”.

“A free, fair society would say to us, ‘here’s some information that might be in your best interests. It’s not a good idea to drink too much alcohol’. I don’t have a problem with giving that advice.

“What I have a problem with is when we go beyond that and say ‘well you’re too stupid to know what’s good for you'”.

Mr Leyonhjelm says alcohol advertising doesn’t change drinking behaviour encourages consumers to switch from one brand to another.

“The idea nanny-staters have is that you’ll turn into a raging alcoholic because of advertising and there’s no evidence of that at all.”

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