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Energy prices should come before company tax cuts, Senator Hanson says

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson says energy prices should take priority over the government’s proposed company tax cuts.

After agreeing to back the government’s corporate cuts months ago, Senator Hanson has pulled her support and dealt the Coalition a major blow.

Ms Hanson tells Ross Greenwood the government should focus on power prices and their burden on businesses nationwide before they consider company tax breaks.

“I would like to see them address the energy cost in Australia.

“You’ve got a concrete plant, they’re looking at $39,000 a month. This is what is grueling them.

“Not the company tax cuts. That’s not going to save them. Reduce energy costs.”

Senator Hanson insists the findings of the banking royal commission aren’t behind her back-flip on company tax cuts.

“I believe we have to be more frugal with the money and the tax payer’s dollars. We have to start paying back… the $600 billion that we owe.

“We cannot keep drawing more money and borrowing more money.”

Ms Hanson says corporate cuts shouldn’t be unlimited but has left the door open to compromise.

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When it comes to the Super Saturday by-elections, which are set for the end of July, Ms Hanson says her party will be contesting the seat of Longman and won’t be doing preference deals with the major parties.

“If they’re so worried about the preferences, then I’d say to both political parties… get rid of full preferential voting,” she says.