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Steve Price and Matt Kean go head-to-head on climate change

Steve Price and NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean have become involved in a heated debate over climate change.

After Steve ripped into the Environment Minister for linking Sydney’s smoke haze to climate change yesterday, Mr Kean has doubled down on his views.

He revealed the NSW government will introduce a new emissions reduction target, aiming for a carbon-neutral state by 2050.

“We don’t have the technology yet to help us get to zero by 2050,” he says, “but we know that there is technology emerging.”

“Putting our head in the sand and doing nothing, ignoring that these other countries are looking for greener, cheaper forms of energy, is just going to sign an economic death warrant for our nation.”

But Steve wasn’t about to leave it at that, asking the minister to clarify just how much money the export of coal brings into the economy.

Matt Kean: “We get billions of dollars from the export of thermal coal.”

Steve Price: “Okay, so you’re going to rip billions out of the NSW budget, how are you going to replace that?”

Matt Kean: “Not at all, I haven’t suggested that at all, Steve. You’re putting words in my mouth.”

Steve Price: “You can’t be carbon neutral if you’re mining coal!”

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Federal Minister for Resources Matt Canavan says Mr Kean is exaggerating the situation.

“I’m just sick and tired of state governments seeking to blame other factors that they have no control over rather than doing their job. 

“I don’t think either the Queensland or NSW governments are going to be able to change the temperature of the globe anytime soon.”

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Steve Price slams Liberal minister for linking Sydney smoke to climate change