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Sign the petition to stop vulnerable children losing crucial funding

NSW Government is asking parents of children with profound disabilities to give up their kids.

When the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was rolled over to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), officials failed to ensure the NDIA would continue to provide the 24/7 support services they were already receiving.

Now, in a bureaucratic bungle, there are two pools of money left:

  1. To support children who are at risk from their parents
  2. To support children whose parent cannot or will not care for them.

One family caught up in this mess is Rob Smith and Vanita Connery, and their two disabled children, Olivia and Jordan.

Seven-year-old Olivia and 13-year-old Jordan can’t speak, are fed through tubes and are wheelchair bound and require 24-hour care.

Rob and Vanita have been told if they want funding to continue, they have to relinquish control of their children and make them wards of the state.

1,700 families are facing the same unimaginable reality.

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