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Sydney Roosters will be ready for May 28 says co-captain

Sydney Roosters co-captain Jake Friend says he’s “hopeful” the NRL will go ahead on May 28 as planned, but is staying neutral on the debate over whether or not it’s achievable. 

“We’re doing our bit on our own at the moment, but that’s all in preparation to be back training two or three weeks before that.

“It’s changing pretty quickly, so I’ve got my fingers crossed.”

Despite having the benefit of his plumbing business to keep him busy, Friend says the lack of play is getting to him, even willing to concede the Roosters’ round one and two losses.

“I’d rather be playing footy,” he tells Mark Levy.

“If we start the comp with no points, then we start it with no points, and we’ll make them up in the competition.”

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Image: Facebook/Sydney Roosters