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Sydney trains set for massive shakeup from Monday

A shakeup of train services is on the way in a bid to prevent future rail network meltdowns.

Thousands of passengers were left stranded back in January when a culmination of staff shortages, a new timetable and wild weather prompted mass cancellations.

A review of the disruptions has recommended cuts to off-peak services in an attempt to help the network recover from incidents faster.

It includes shedding 94 late-night and early-morning services per week, starting Monday.

Ben Fordham speaks with Sydney Trains CEO Howard Collins to find out how it will all play out.

“We’ve looked at the Opal data.

“[There are] some trains late at night, after midnight carrying one person, two people.”

“We even found a train carrying no one but the driver and the guard. Those are the services we’re removing.”

“We’re putting those back into the busier times of the day.”

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