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‘The events of yesterday will forever leave a scar’: Acting Premier John Barilaro

The acting Premier is praising a group of ”ordinary” Australians who stopped yesterday’s stabbing rampage in Sydney’s CBD.

20-year-old mental health patient Mert Ney murdered a young woman inside a Clarence Street apartment before stabbing another woman and running out onto the street.

Despite wielding a large knife and screaming Islamic slogans, members of the public stepped in, pinning him under a chair and a milk crate until police arrived.

Acting Premier John Barilaro says they are “heroes”.

“I think the events of yesterday will forever leave a scar on the history of our city. The individuals, the families, the lives that will forever be changed.

“But in all that mayhem, terror and fear, new heroes emerged in our city.

“I just want to say thank you on behalf of all Australians because what they showed was incredible bravery.”

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The Nationals leader says the events of yesterday once again proves the value of Australia’s gun laws.

“We’ve seen what’s happened across the globes, especially the US in recent times.

“At the time, Prime Minister John Howard copped a lot of flack with the gun laws in this nation but, I tell you what, our nation has been a safer place for it.

“We should be very very thankful for that because yesterday could have been a very different situation if the knife was replaced with a gun.”



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