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The importance of sleeping on a comfortable and supportive pillow

Article image for The importance of sleeping on a comfortable and supportive pillow

This article is a paid sponsorship

Sleep is a fundamental, essential component of human life. It ensures optimal longevity and health. Sleep helps your mind and body to recuperate and rejuvenate.

Australians have a sleeping problem. Inadequate sleep is a common problem in the Australian population. A report to the Sleep Health Foundation 2016 states that inadequate sleep affects 33-45% of Australian adults. Average sleep time is 7 hours, yet 12% sleep less than 5½  hours and 8% sleep over 9 hours.

Sleep, or lack thereof, is a serious matter. Not only does it cause serious health issues, but also comes at a serious social and economic cost. Spinaleze know good sleep is important. So how do they ensure a quality night’s sleep?

The importance your pillow has on sleep quality 

A comfortable pillow can make or break your sleep. A pillow provides support to your head and neck whilst also providing a greater level of comfort when compared to without a pillow. Choosing the wrong pillow can have a monumental negative effect on your sleep. When it comes to choosing the right pillow, two factors come into play – support and comfort.

#1 Support

Providing adequate support for your head and neck is crucial to ensure a good night’s sleep. The human spine has a natural curve, therefore your pillow needs to provide support to ensure the alignment of your head and neck with your spine.

The Spinaleze pillow range has been engineered for maximum support while you sleep. Its patented aerated visco technology provides complete spinal neck support with a superior, stress-relieving composition. The specially designed corrugations across the top surface of the pillow cradle the neck while allowing free flow of air around the neck. The bottom surface of the pillow also allows for constant circulation of air.

#2 Comfortable

Over 10 years of extensive research and testing has gone into the Spinaleze range to bring you the world’s most comfortable and supportive pillow on the market.

If you are a back sleeper, their low profile pillow is best for you. This pillow will help to support the natural curve of your back and assist in easier breathing. For side sleepers who are under 6ft in height, Spizaleze recommend their medium profile pillow. For those side sleepers over 6ft in height, they recommend their high profile pillow.

Their children’s profile pillow is for children aged 5-15 years old, regardless of their sleeping position. It is important to provide a supportive pillow for your child’s sleep to ensure the alignment and support of their head and neck during sleep.


If you are experiencing any sleep issues and waking in a worse condition than you did prior to falling asleep, then it is time to look at your pillow. Invest your money in a quality pillow and the benefits will be seen for years to come.

If you are interested in finding the solution to the perfect night’s sleep, visit their website and browse the range of Spinaleze pillows on offer.