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‘There’s not any room for exemptions’: Wharfies stand by refusal to board cargo ship

More than sixty wharf workers in Melbourne have been stood down for refusing to unload a Chinese cargo ship.

The ship left China on March 17 and travelled via Taiwan before arriving in Melbourne on March 31.

Maritime Union of Australia National Secretary Paddy Crumlin tells Ben Fordham the wharfies are simply following the rules.

“It’s nine days since it was in Taiwan and it’s pretty clear it’s got to be 14 days. If one wharfie gets COVID, the whole joint shuts down, that’s the reality.

“That’s the isolation. They’re the rules, mate, and then it’s safe.

“We’re going to work it when it gets to 14 days and if it hasn’t been 14 days, there’s not any room for exemptions.”

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