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‘These fires are suspicious’: RFS Deputy Commissioner’s astonishing revelation

Arsonists are believed to be responsible for two bushfires that sparked during Tuesday’s ‘catastrophic’ conditions in Sydney.

Blazes broke out at Turramurra on Sydney’s North Shore and in the Royal National Park, coming within metres of properties.

The RFS were on high alert and immediately pounced, managing to get the fires under control with the help of waterbombing aircraft.

“We just basically swamped it with everything we had,” says RFS Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers.

Now, Deputy Commissioner Rogers has told Alan Jones the bushfires were almost certainly started by arsonists.

“In the Royal National Park, our crews reported multiple ignitions which is a clear indication that’s deliberately lit.

“Police have done a wonderful job supporting us in trying to deal with anybody doing the wrong thing.

“But certainly, I think all indications are that these fires are suspicious.”

The RFS is welcoming cooler and calmer conditions for the next two days but is warning the bushfire emergency is far from over.

“There’s still a massive problem in New South Wales, particularly in the north.

“There is just so much fire there… I’ve never seen anything like it, Alan.”

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RFS Inspector Ben Shepherd tells Karl Stefanovic the north of the state is still burning.

“It’s just this solid wall of fire and those fires have not gone out.

“We’re going to have weeks and weeks or months and months of work to do.”

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Image: 2GB reporter Helene Lambetsos