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‘They don’t have one dollar in the bank’: Peter Dutton slams QLD’s airline bid

The Queensland government’s bid for the troubled Virgin Australia airline is “a con” in the lead up to their state elections, says Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

Mr Dutton has told Ray Hadley the plans are likely a “political stunt” in the lead up to the election in October, and the government could spend millions of dollars knowing they don’t have a chance of being a successful bidder.

“Don’t forget, that Premier [Annastacia] Palaszczuk… every credit card that she has is already maxed out. They don’t have one dollar in the bank.

“They’re marching towards 100-billion dollars of debt… and they’re now talking about buying an airline, it just doesn’t make any sense.

“Premier Palaszczuk… she is incompetent and she’s run this chaotic, corrupt government and I think it’s time for people to call it out, they’ve gone a bridge too far now.”

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