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‘They made me take it!’: The ‘free’ gift that ended up costing Ray Hadley dearly

Ray Hadley has slammed ‘free’ gifts he received from Telstra which turned out not to be so free after all.

Ray discovered he was being charged $40 a month to be a ‘premium customer’, a ‘privilege’ he never signed up for.

And when he went to buy a new mobile phone, a salesperson insisted he was eligible for a ‘free’ music speaker.

Ray gratefully took the gift, only to later discover he was being charged $15 a month for it.

“They made me take it! They said it’s a gift! They’re thieving from us!”

Ray’s story prompted a wave of calls from listeners telling similar stories of ‘free’ gifts that ended up costing them dearly.

He promised to ring Telstra CEO Andy Penn personally to get him to sort out the issue.

“Instead of ringing the Philippines I’m gonna ring you Andy, and I’m gonna send you the speaker as a gift so you can pay for the bloody thing!”

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