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Tony Abbott believes embattled Labor MP’s political career is doomed

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott believes embattled Labor MP Emma Husar’s political career is doomed.

The Labor backbencher has been accused of intimidating staff and directing them to look after her children and clean up after the family dog.

She’s also been accused of using a taxpayer-funded Commonwealth car to visit her divorce lawyer.

Ms Husar’s alleged misconduct is currently under investigation and Mr Abbott says it’s likely Labor will let her go at the next election.

“Bill Shorten may be right, she may just be a good person who’s doing it tough,” he tells Ben Fordham.

“But if the Opposition Leader doesn’t sort out his MP and sort out the MP quickly, it’s Bill Shorten who will soon be in a whole world of pain.

“My instinct is that one way or another she’s not going to represent the Labor Party in Lindsay at the next election.”

Mr Abbott says there may be some grey areas when it comes to the duties of staff members but Ms Husar’s alleged actions are out of line.

“Obviously, you can’t use your staff as in-home help. You can’t use your staff to walk the dog.”

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