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Tony Abbott: “The era of the political assassin has to end”

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Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has called for an end to internal leaks and for “the era of the political assassin to end”.

Talking with 2GB’s Ray Hadley the member for Warringah says constant in-fighting is hurting his party at the polls.

“One of the reasons why the public is so turned off politics and politicians generally is they see all of this… and they do get that people are acting dishonorably, that people are behaving badly.

“You might gain a short term advantage from it if your rival is damaged but the long term damage is to the system as a whole.”

It’s believed the Liberal party room has another agenda though, with the sharks said to be circling around Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull following a poor showing at the Queensland state election.

Tony Abbott is one of the names again being thrown up to retake the top office but he claims to be focused on stability.

“All of this dishonour has got to stop. The era of the political assassin has to end.

“We’ve had it now over the last dismal decade. It’s damaged both sides of politics, it’s damaged our country and it’s got to stop. It must, must stop.”

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