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Top cop breaks silence to address shocking allegations within Strike Force Raptor

The top brass of the NSW Police Force has responded as its “most successful strike force ever” is thrown into turmoil.

Formed 10 years ago, Strike Force Raptor has crushed Sydney’s outlaw motorcycle gangs and struck fear into organised crime groups.

But the elite police division has been disarray since Detective Superintendent Robert Critchlow took over as commander in December last year.

Two of its most senior officers have quit the squad and a number of others applied for leave, according to News Corp.

Several others have contacted Ray Hadley, detailing shocking allegations against Supt Critchlow.

Deputy Commissioner Dave Hudson signed off on Supt Critchlow’s appointment and has broken his silence with Ray Hadley.

He says Superintendent Critchlow will be addressing Strike Force Raptor officers first thing next week.

“There’s a meeting that Supt Critchlow is addressing on Monday with Strike Force Raptor.

“He will try and clarify what he did say and offer an apology if that’s required, certainly for the way it’s interpreted.

“The work of Raptor is never going to be properly appreciated for the impact they’ve had… and the last thing we want is to see it fail so we’ll be doing everything in our hands to try and make it succeed.”

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Image: SMH/Nick Moir