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Union calls for ‘heads to roll’ following Tathra turf war

The Fire Brigade Employees Union is pushing for an inquiry as a “turf war” emerged during Sunday’s devastating Tathra blaze.

The NSW Rural Fire Service rejected at least two offers for help by NSW Fire and Rescue when the firestorm hit the south coast town.

Only when the fire escalated was the offer was accepted.

Fire Brigade Employees Union official Mick Nairn tells Ben Fordham if offers of help were rejected, questions need to be answered.

“We clearly need to have an explanation of what has gone on and if that is the case I think heads need to roll.

“The main thing we want to see out of this is that when people need a fire engine they’re getting the nearest fire engine. Doesn’t matter what badge is on it.

“We just want to know the communities are going to get the quickest, the nearest response they can.”

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