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Upcoming summer blackouts the result of ‘utterly useless’ renewable energy

A Senior Liberal MP says the upcoming summer blackouts across homes in NSW and Victoria are the result of a lack of investment in coal and gas.

NSW and Victoria risk being without power this year during the extreme heat due to aging coal and gas generators, according to the Australian Energy Market Operator.

777,000 NSW homes could also experience blackouts once the Liddell power plant closes in 2023.

Liberal MP Craig Kelly tells Ben Fordham the blackouts can be blamed on a commitment to “completely and utterly useless” renewable energy.

“Over the last eight or so years we’ve closed down ten coal-fired power stations in this nation, and we replaced them with intermittent generation from wind and solar.

“And all of a sudden we wonder why we’re at risk of blackouts! Yet we still are struggling to get a new coal-fired power station underway.

“This problem has come about directly because we have had more than $50 billion of malinvestment in renewable energy.”

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