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‘Very concerned’: NSW Senator raises alarm on Chinese company’s bid to build hydro power plants

NSW Senator Deb O’Neill says the prospect of a Chinese-owned company building hydro power plants is potentially a matter of national security.

It’s reported Goldwind Australia is set to win the tenders for two major hydro projects in the Hunter region.

Speaking to Mark Levy, Senator O’Neill said she was “very, very concerned”.

“One of the things we know from whistleblowers who have been in contact with my office and other offices, is that they are very concerned that this bid by a Chinese company is likely to go ahead, and essentially sell off critical infrastructure that is necessary for the security for the grid for NSW.

“It is just not on, not satisfactory for NSW.

“I am very, very concerned that Chinese companies have a very different idea about how to do business in this country.”

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