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EXCLUSIVE | Man tasered on bus has HUGE criminal record

Images and footage: Nine News

A man who was tasered and arrested by police on a bus in Sydney’s inner suburbs has a long and violent history of assaulting police.

Sources say the man was heavily affected by ice when he allegedly harassed two men on board the 377 service on Anzac Parade at Moore Park yesterday afternoon.

The driver stopped at an RBT and alerted police to the unruly passenger.

Officers boarded the bus and attempted to remove the man.

Other commuters were filming the confrontation as the man took a swipe at a police taser.

Officers then tasered the man, forced him off the bus and placed him under arrest.


The 37-year-old man has since faced court, charged with five offences including resisting arrest and assaulting an officer, and been refused bail.

Ray Hadley has now received information about the man’s long and sordid history.

He has appeared before the courts previously on 259 offences, most of them associated with violence towards police officers.

Since the footage has been spread online, there has been public backlash against the officers on social media.

Surry Hills Police Commander Superintendent Gavin Wood tells Ray Hadley his police did everything right.

“Police actions will always be subject to scrutiny and that’s how it should be.

“There’s an independent process that takes place where independent eyes go over the vision, they go over the circumstances.

“But again I reiterate Ray, I’m very proud of those boys. They were doing the job that they’re paid and trained to do.”

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