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WATCH | Teachers cheer up their students with impromptu motorcade

Teachers at Thornleigh West Public School in Sydney’s north-west have come up with a joyful way of staying in touch with their students, by decorating their vehicles and parading around the neighbourhood.

Trevor Long, editor technology expert, has sent Ben Fordham footage of the students waving and thanking their hard-working teachers.

The kids made signs and wrote messages on the ground with phrases such as ‘stay positive’ and ‘we miss you’.

“It was a nice connection for the kids who are very distanced from their classmates and teachers at the moment.”

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Trevor Long says “it’s really inspiring” to see students connect with each other and their teachers virtually.

Students at Thornleigh, he says, are using video conferencing to continue their studies.

“It’s a crazy, weird, but exciting world we’re living in.”

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